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An active bowling program exists for many SIR branches.  SIR bowlers enjoy weekly bowling leagues, regional tournaments and state tournaments.  Join a SIR bowling league and enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow Sirs while getting some indoor exercise.

To locate a league in your area contact your branch or area bowling chairman.   If you can't locate either contact a State Bowling Committee member.

There are various branches sponsoring over twenty tournaments a year in California and Reno.

No experience necessary.  Many members only start bowling after becoming a member of SIR.  It is never too late.

SIR Tournament Average Lookup


SIR Bowling Tournament Average (SBTA) Notes:


How a Bowler Establishes an SBTA: 

  1. A bowler must have bowled a minimum of 18 games in 2017 SIR tournament events to establish a 2017 SBTA. 

  2. If a bowler has less that 18 games in 2017 , he may use his 2016 SBTA average, providing he has established a 2016 SBTA.

  3. If a bowler has not established a 2016 nor a 2017 SBTA, that bowler must use the USBC average as specified in each tournament's rules.

Multiple Participation:

  1. A bowler may participate in multiple doubles and team events if allowed by the tournament.  Singles may be bowled only once.

  2. If a bowler chooses to participate in more than one Doubles and / or more than one Team event (if offered), the highest three game series of that event will be recorded for SBTA average and game count purposes.

Questions about SBTA:

Please don’t hesitate to drop Bryan Davenport an email if a Bowler or Tournament Mgr. has any questions or comments regarding the SIR Bowling Tournament Average (SBTA),

Web Manager
Dan Weller, BR 8

Contact Dan with suggestions, comments or questions.

Also, use this link to submit tournament forms and results for web publishing.

Web Manager

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