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Handicap Percent 90% or 100%
Maximum Score for Handicap 240
USBC Average Rules Included 319a, 319a-2, 319a-3, 319c and 319d.  Only when an USBC Average is Used
Participants Active and Applicant SIRs, SIR Partners, Guests 50 or Older
Maximum Bowler Participation Singles once;  Doubles 2 times; Team: 3 times
Minimum SIR Participation Doubles: 1 SIR; Team: 2 SIRs
All Events Calculation Uses Singles + first Doubles score + first Team score (if any)
STBA Calculation Singles score + highest Doubles score + highest Team score (if any)
All Events All tournaments will have a Handicap All Events payout.
Scratch Events Optional Scratch Singles and / or optional Scratch All Events
Divisions Division options are chosen in the templates.

Select a template that best meets your tournament's requirements.

Bowling Events Primary Average
1 2 Singles Doubles USBC SBTA
Template 1   X X X   X
Template 2   X X X X  
Template 3 X   X X   X
Template 4 X   X X X