SIR Branches Have Active Fishing Groups


California and neighboring states offer many opportunities for fresh and salt water fishing.  Most SIR branches schedule fishing trips for salt water as well as fresh water lake and stream fishing.


Fishing groups are made up of all types of fisherman, from the hard core fly fisherman to the bait dunker who wants to sit on the side of a lake and watch the beautiful scenery. The groups have members who fish a couple of times a week to those who fish twice a year. All seem to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow fisherman and to possibly learn some new fishing techniques. Owning a boat is not mandatory. We fish the ocean, bay, delta, local lakes and the high sierra. From ice fishing to day trips to Baja for some great fishing. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to what we will do.


Call your local Branch to further explore your fishing opportunities.

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