The idea of SIRARC was conceived in December 1973, in a meeting of Millard George, K6ZRY, Al Bernes, W6HCE and Ken Snell, K6KQH, all members of Peralta Branch No. 12. Each Big Sir was contacted seeking their co-operation in locating other Radio Amateurs within the organization who might be interested in joining a State-Wide Sons in Retirement Amateur Radio Club.

By April, 1974, organization of the Club was well under way and considered to be of sufficient importance that the State Board acknowledged it as a State-Wide Activity, the same as Golf and Bowling. President Harry Mayfield appointed Millard as State Chairman.

The first get-acquainted luncheon and organization meeting was held at Spengerís Fish Grotto in Berkeley on May 24, 1974, at which meeting Millard, K6ZRY, was elected as President in addition to his State Chairmanship; Al Bernes, W6HCE, was elected Vice President and Don Dunn, K6BJJ, as Secretary-Treasurer. Twenty eight (28) Radio Amateur members were present and one XYL.

The membership agreed to the following simple rules to govern SIRARC.

1. SIRARC membership is open only to members of Sons In Retirement, Inc., and their wives, who hold current Amateur Radio Licenses. (Members in SIRARC do not have to be a licensed radio amateur any longer). Any one interested in communication by radio, land line or computer are welcome.

2. On-the-air Net operations are to be conducted in as informal manner as possible that is acceptable to good operational procedures.

3.SIRARC has been organized primarily for the pleasure of those participating and, in addition to serve as a liaison unit for inter-branch communications and discussions of mutual interest.

4. SIRARC should not be considered as a traffic net, as such, but we stand ready to help out in any way we can in case of emergency communications. This is the code of all Amateur Radio Operators.


SIRARC consists of approximately 20 Sirs that are licensed Radio Amateurs. We are small in comparison to the Golf and Bowling groups, although small, we are an active group. Due to the nature of our hobby, we are able to communicate with many branches each week by radio,.

Three face-to-face meetings are held yearly; the fourth Friday in February, June and October. The luncheons begin with a social gathering at 11:3ō a.m. and the meeting starts at Noon. We have a speaker who discusses technical information that is of general interest to the members, this can vary with a non-technical presentation slanted more to our guests.

Wives are welcome at our meetings. We enjoy meeting anyone that is interested in radio either amateur or commercial. Reservations not needed, drop-ins are welcome.

President Ronald Rogers, W6BIS, extends an invitation to all members of Sons in Retirement to attend the next meeting which is usually held at Filippiís, 1st street East of Soscol, 645 1st st. Napa.

Come and join us for the Social Hour, luncheon and hear our guest speaker. We know you will have a good time. Check for actual time and place by contacting one of us.

For information : email††† w6bis@att.netmail



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